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Advanced equipment and technology give you a guarantee of high quality!

Since its establishment in September 2015, Suzhou Elton Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd has provided customers with satisfactory products and services based on the business purpose and philosophy of "honest operation, quality first, green environmental protection, efficient innovation". With healthy, sustainable and rapid development, it has become an enterprise with mature technology and high customer satisfaction.

Suzhou Elton Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of touch panel, display panel, protection panel, decorative panel, signboard and inscription board and other plastic plate products. It is mainly produced and processed from PC plate (polycarbonate), PMMA plate (acrylic), PET film and composite plate, The products have been widely used in aviation, medical treatment, elevator, vehicle, intelligent home appliances and many other fields. The main production processes involved include surface hardening, printing, laser engraving, CNC engraving and milling, laser cutting, bending, OCA bonding, Ag (anti glare) / AR (antireflection) / AF (anti fingerprint), etc

The plant covers an area of more than 1000 square meters and has a professional R & D team and a number of professional technicians. The whole production workshop is a dust-free and clean environment. At the same time, it has advanced equipment and technology. The production equipment includes many CNC engraving and milling machines, large engraving and milling machines, laser cutting machines, laser radium engraving machines, bending machines, CCD full-automatic punching machines, multi station and single station film coating machines and printing machines, Electrostatic precipitator cleaner, tunnel oven, box oven, UV curing machine, automatic dispensing machine, OCA laminating machine, defoamer, several dust-free inspection worktables, etc; Testing instruments and equipment generally include secondary element measuring instrument, hardness tester, water drop angle tester, transmittance and haze tester, surface roughness tester, gloss tester, boiling tester, wear tester, IR ink tester, Baige adhesion testing fixture, etc. With perfect management, professional team, advanced equipment, first-class quality and service, the products have been recognized by our customers. Adhering to the development direction of "specialization, scale and internationalization", the company has won the praise and recognition of customers with high quality, commitment, trustworthiness and mutual cooperation. We are willing to provide customers with satisfactory products and services with our own professional technology and unremitting efforts. In the new round of market competition, we are willing to work with customers to "win-win".

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Advanced equipment and technology give you a guarantee of high quality!
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